Ultegra RS700 C30 Wheelset

Ultegra RS700 C30

The Shimano WH-RS700-C30-TL is a tubeless wheelset that is very adaptive and reliable. Featuring a lightweight carbon inner rim with different rim profiles front and rear, it offers efficient acceleration and direct rider to road power transfer. The hubs feature high-quality contact seals combined with cup and cone bearings that provide smooth rolling and consistent performance. The rear wheel features Shimano OPTBAL 2:1 spoke lacing, where the drive side has twice as many spokes as the non-drive side. This 2:1 spoke lacing increases stiffness and rigidity, and is especially noticeable when putting the power down.


Type Clincher – Tubeless Ready
Weight Front 700g
Weight Rear 860g
Total Weight 1560g
Depth Front 24mm
Depth Rear 28mm
Rim Width (external) 21mm
Spoke Count 16 front | 21 Rear