Ultegra 6800 Pedals – vs – Keo 2 Blade Carbon Pedals

Ultegra 6800 Pedals vs Keo 2 Blade Carbon Pedals. We compare the 2 popular pedals systems from Look and Shimano.

Ultegra 6800 SPD-SL Pedals

The short carbon fibre body construction offers low weight, is super stiff and offers efficient power transfer. The PD-6800 features many of the same technologies as the flagship Dura Ace pedals with the PD-6800 only weighing 8g more. Lightweight. Efficient power transfer. Durable and solid interface quick and easy entry bindings. Adjustable entry and release tension settings. These pedals are also durable with a replaceable stainless steel plate that sits across the width of the pedal, protecting the carbon from minor abrasions and pressure caused during clipping and pedaling.


Weight 260 grams
Category Road
System SPD-SL

Look Keo Blade 2 Carbon Pedals

The Blade Carbon is the product of lengthy research by LOOK engineers to optimise all the innovative concepts developed within the family of blade pedals. The result is a pedal that is even more secure, stable, light and powerful. Its design fully integrates the blade for unsurpassed aerodynamics. Fitted with a carbon body and blade, the Blade Carbon is available in version Ti (titanium axle) weighing only 90g per pedal, or version Cr (Chromoly+ axle) that weighs 110g per pedal. It is available in three release tensions: 12, 16 and 20.


Weight 220 grams
Category Road
System Look Keo