Ultegra RS700 C30 – vs – Shimano Dura Ace c24

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Ultegra RS700 C30 Wheelset

Ultegra RS700 C30

The Shimano WH-RS700-C30-TL is a tubeless wheelset that is very adaptive and reliable. Featuring a lightweight carbon inner rim with different rim profiles front and rear, it offers efficient acceleration and direct rider to road power transfer. The hubs feature high-quality contact seals combined with cup and cone bearings that provide smooth rolling and consistent performance. The rear wheel features Shimano OPTBAL 2:1 spoke lacing, where the drive side has twice as many spokes as the non-drive side. This 2:1 spoke lacing increases stiffness and rigidity, and is especially noticeable when putting the power down.


Type Clincher - Tubeless Ready
Weight Front 700g
Weight Rear 860g
Total Weight 1560g
Depth Front 24mm
Depth Rear 28mm
Rim Width (external) 21mm
Spoke Count 16 front | 21 Rear
Dura Ace C24 Wheelset

Dura Ace c24

Dura Ace c24 carbon clincher wheels, designed to meet pro road race criteria. Dura-Ace wheelsets are focused on speed. New rim profiles yield substantial weight savings while maintaining aerodynamic shapes. Dura-Ace Wheels are race tested at the highest levels of professional cycling to ensure the highest possible levels of performance and quality.


Type Clincher
Weight Front 618g
Weight Rear 835g
Total Weight 1453g
Depth Front 21mm
Depth Rear 24mm
Rim Width 20.8mm
Spoke Count 16 front | 20 Rear